Jan 112013

“I have only one thing to say to the tax increasers:
Go ahead, make my day.”

– Ronald Reagan threatening to veto tax-increase legislation

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If you missed former Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie’s “Liberal State of the State” performance this week, you didn’t miss a thing.  Same old “tax the rich, feed the poor” rhetoric we’ve heard for decades from the Left.

But it’s because of conservatives like you that she even made that speech!

Indeed, in her remarks Leslie slammed conservatives, businessmen and “tea party radicals” for opposing tax hikes and insisting on budget cuts.

And as David Schwartz of the Las Vegas Sun noted on Sunday, “Nothing trips up Nevada’s Democratic lawmakers more than asking the simple question of whether they support raising taxes.”

Oh, they’ll complain ad nauseum about the “just say no” crowd when it comes to tax hikes, but they fear you.  They know you and our fellow Nevadans don’t support higher taxes

In fact, the only person who apparently hasn’t gotten the memo is Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval…

Next week in his State of the State address, the governor is expected to once again break his campaign promise to you by proposing yet another new $620 million tax increase by re-imposing the “temporary” tax hikes that were supposed to “sunset” (expire) in 2011.

The fact is voters have already made their voices heard on this issue of raising taxes.  They spoke loudly and clearly in November when three tax hikes on the ballot were CRUSHED by huge margins.

Yet Gov. Sandoval continues to believe he can tax Nevada out of this recession… including tripling the state’s “employee head tax” that even Sheila Leslie admits is a job killer!

You can do something about it.

Call the governor’s office today and let him know that you expect him to keep his word and balance Nevada’s budget without this massive tax hike.  Call…

Carson City:        (775) 684-5670
Las Vegas:          (702) 486-2500

Simply leave your name and this short message: “I’m calling to voice my opposition to extending the sunsets.” 

Believe me, that’s all you need to say and they’ll know EXACTLY what you’re talking about.

Make the call right now. One person at a time reaching out to GOP House Speaker John Boehner’s office is how we killed his “Plan B” fiscal cliff cave-in last month.  And it’s how we’ll win this fight, too.

Just one short minute of your time will make a difference and set the stage for the upcoming budget battle in Carson City.

Thanks for doing your part.  I’ll keep you posted…

Chuck Muth
Irritator of Liberals & Gumby Republicans

P.S. – Listen to this short audio of Ronald Reagan warning about the harm of high taxes way back in the late 1970’s before he was elected president…including a reality check on the argument that government employees pay taxes, too!